Ecommerce Integration Center

There are 4 powerful solutions to meet your business needs.  The Internet Gateway is a secured interface for business to complete real-time transaction processing.

1. You can manually key-in the customer's purchase at a website Virtual Terminal that will connect you the payment gateway to get a real-time credit card card authorization. Using the Internet Gateway is a cheaper alternative and cost less then using phone authorization and is the best option for "Card Not Present" transactions. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet.  Having a wireless Internet connection is easy these days, you can even use your mobile phone. Deposits are made directly to your bank account within 48 hours.  Preview a Virtual Terminal Demo and also get online and Test Drive AuthorizeNet.

2.  Customers shop on your website and pay on your Shopping Cart.  This is an easy, quick way to start accepting credit cards online with Qualified Rate 1. A simple integration into your shopping cart allows your customers to pay securely and easily.   Preview examples of live stores using osCommerce.  Shopping carts supported includes cubecart, Siteground OSCommerce, Miva Merchant, Drupal, Ecommerce Templates, MyCart, .Net Cart, X-Cart, ampleShop, Freedom Network Solutions, AACart, Cart Manager, Smart Cart, Auctiva, ShopSite, Money Cart, SEO-Cart, Netstores, QuickCart, QuickEStore, DesignCart, Live Merchant, Storefront and many more. Preview a 30 second osCommerce setup . You can get a free copy of osCommerce at

3.  Beginners: You can generate a BUY NOW button with an item/price, copy and paste the html and be linked to secured payment page instantly.  No mess, Quick and Simple Checkout!  View a Demo .

4. Authorize.Net, a VISA Inc. gateway offers several methods for connecting Web sites and point-of-sale (VPOS) systems to the payment gateway for submitting transactions. Web merchants can choose the method that is right for them, according to their customization requirements, experience with html and scripts.  We also provide free form scripts, which you can add your company logo and be ready to accept payment.

Simple Integration Method (SIM) API Implementation Guide
The Simple Integration Method (SIM) is ideal for Web merchants with basic customization needs. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can handle all the steps in the secure transaction process — payment data collection, data submission and the response to the customer.  Using simple scripts to pass values to the gateway, you can process transaction directly from your webpage.  Sample scripts, sample pages and toll free technical support provided.

Example Pass Through Fields   Your Values
username   Gateway Username
tran_key   Gateway Transaction Key (Generated in the Gateway Web Interface)
version   version Gateway Version
test_mode   Indicates a test transaction, accepts the values “TRUE” or “FALSE”
AllowTestOverride   Indicates if the test_mode setting can be overwritten by sending a test_mode parameter to the API. Useful security feature to make sure people don’t change your test mode just by sending an extra variable to your script.
header_email_receipt   This text will appear as the header on the transaction confirmation email sent
to the customer.  Customize and automate your instant replies.
footer_email_receipt   This text will appear as the footer on the transaction confirmation email sent to the customer.
merchant_email   Email address to which the merchant’s copy of the customer confirmation
email should be sent.
email_customer   Set this value to “TRUE” to send the customer an email after the transaction, otherwise set it to “FALSE”.
url   URL that the transaction will post to (gateway URL)
curl_location   This is the full path to the curl program on your web server. If you do not have the PHP Curl module installed, use the command line program at this location instead.
PaymentApprovedPage   Page to display if an order is approved. Example, redirects customer to thank you page.
PaymentDeniedPage   Page to display if an order is declined
AllowVisa / MasterCard   Indicates whether you want to and can accept Visa Cards.
AllowAmex   Indicates whether you want to and can accept American Express Cards.
... more variables   Get your full scripts and sample pages when approved.
  Download SIM Integration Guide

Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Implementation Guide
Authorize.Net recommends Web merchants implement AIM, a highly secure, merchant-initiated server-to-server connection for submitting transactions to the payment gateway. AIM provides merchants with a high degree of control over each phase of the customer’s online transaction experience, including the payment form and receipt page..

All Internet gateway subscribers will receive:
  •  Virtual Terminal
  • Scripts and sample ready-to-go pages for integration, to assist in a quick switch from Paypal.
  • QuickBooks transactions download
  • Generate BUY NOW buttons easily and paste onto your website.
  • Verification Seal
  • Toll free technical support and live online help
      Before You Begin Your Application:
    Please make sure you have the following information available..
    [ ] Decide if you need a merchant account or gateway only
    [ ] Business contact information (address, business phone number)
    [ ] Owner/principal Names
    [ ] US Business Federal Tax ID# (or SSN for Sole Proprietorship)
    [ ] To print your completed application, have a free Adobe Acrobat installed. Click Here

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