co-op is a unique program by United Bank Service that afford co-op to receive fair rates forever and not worry about it.  Thousands of merchants love our guarantee tool and you are automatically enrolled in this program.  Networks, acquirers and banks drive prices up yearly, but you are rest assured to be guaranteed the best rates regardless.  We do this by making it simple for you, on each year of your anniversary or January, lower your rates with a click of a button.   Take a snapshot of your statement today to compare and you will see a drop in the rates effective on the next month and reflected on the following statement.

Once activated, the system will automatically calculate your year to date sales, and you will be notified of your new low discount rate.   Bookmark this page!

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Lower my rates! co-op Anniversary
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Switch to Wells Fargo Acquirer at the same rate (new accounts will be issued)

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