Non-Profit Special Projects Engagement

  Whether you run a small orphanage or large charity organization, we have the solution to meet your specific requirements of your venture.  If you currently provide direct support to the following categories, please read further about our Special Projects program.  This is strictly a sponsored charity program and must meet the strict criteria listed below.

1. A registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization
2. Falls into any of the 6 categories
3. 100% of your funds goes to the categories

To Qualify:
Submit 2 published references, by using the
Contact Us form above.  Complete the form, include URL links, newspaper articles clippings or notable references.  A Sponsor will contact you directly to explain the VISA/MC rules and regulations. As this is not a sales call, it will strictly be on how to maximize your donations with VISA/MC and getting your application approved for non-profit.

A Sponsor basically contributes to your organization, is in the Healthcare Profession, a Subject Expert and will endorse your account.

Rates will be the lowest, as determined by VISA/MC.  Application process is the same.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Project Sponsor

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