Point of Sale System (POS)

  A FREE Point of Sale System (POS) is the perfect system to help you efficiently manage your business and is ideal for bars, restaurants, fast-food and retails.  If you have done your research recently, you will quickly realized a typical POS can be an expensive investment with yearly upgrades.  At UBS, we will invest in your business by offering free POS hardware to our merchants who stay with us for 5 years and the equipment is yours to keep.

Streamline Your Business
Our turn-key POS will allow you to prepare orders more quickly, serve customers faster and reduce the time you spend on day to day office management. You will effectively manage your inventory and reduce losses from product shrinkage. You will also be able to take advantage of table tracking, a graphical table map, customized menus and multiple time keeping features.  In addition, we will be allowing restaurants to accept reservations online and manage them directly through the POS system or taking your orders with a wireless iPad. With this implementation, you can incorporate it on your Website, Facebook or even twitter about it.

Easy-to-Use, Reliable Hardware
POS is easy to use, easy to maintain and features an extremely durable, high clarity 15" touch screen display. It has a small footprint, allowing you to place it anywhere in your business and its rugged design is liquid and tamper resistant.

Create Detailed Reports
Hospitality POS provides you with a wide range of real time reports (remotely anywhere) to help you run your business more efficiently.
Financial reports, Manager voids, Hourly productivity, Discount recipients, Charge accounts, Refunds, Gift Registry.

Total Service
We believe that providing you a POS starts from selecting the proper equipment, financing, to on-site survey, customizing for your business, installation and onsite training nationwide.  This project typically takes 3 to 6 weeks from the day you provide all the information and designate a manager.

1. Determine your store layout and equipment needed. Submit digital photos.
2. Schedule your free demo and consultation
3. Apply for a Merchant Account online.  Sign the POS Service Agreement
4. Complete a design checklist and product lists to be constructed in the initial database.  For restaurants, just provide a menu with all specials.  An order administrator will call you within a few days to review everything with you, explain the process and provide you with a point of contact.
5. Schedule a site survey with Technical Support to finalize setup
6. Deliver all equipment to location
7. Schedule an on-site installation and training with Technical Support
8. Continuing education - Team Training, Management training

Free Base Bundle Package - Getting Started
The Base Bundle Package includes the standard equipment and software for a Point of Sale.  This includes POS 5-wire Touch Screen Terminal, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, 1 cable drop under 10 feet, 5 server cards, Bar Code Reader (retail), Display Pole (retail), POS Software, Installation and onsite/remote Training. This amazing offer is available if you sign-up now, no upfront costs, no money down, no financing needed, no cost at all for the equipment. We will invest in your equipment and even provide you up-to to 3 terminals for free.  All you pay is for the IT services/licenses and extended warrantee.  The basic manufacturer's monthly POS fee is $69 per POS terminal, includes your daily off-site backup, support, instructor training and remote access.  The quarterly software license fee, upgrade fees, maintenance fee and replacement warrantee includes parts and labor, is $59.  It is the most affordable POS investment and service available in the market without any upfront cost.

Base Bundle Package - Hospitality/Retail POS [$3,399.00] - FREE TODAY
POS 5-wire Touch Screen Terminal, 1GB Mem, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, 1 cable drop under 10 feet, 5 server cards, Bar Code Reader (retail), Display Pole (retail), Antivirus, Installation & Training.

Manufacturer's Service Fee [$59.00 + $19.67 Reserves = $78.67 a month]
Software license, maintenance, off-side backup, training and life-time warrantee replacement and upgrades

Tableside [Free iPad App]
Enables servers to input orders right at the table using an Apple iPad ®.  Complements each terminal. The orders are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency.  Great for taking orders on the outside, phone orders, drive-through or even as a backup terminal.
Kitchen Monitor [Optional Add-On]
Using the 15-inch LCD flat panel monitor to display orders in the kitchen is the perfect way to relay this information from the front-end. It will improve order accuracy and speed of service by communicating orders to the kitchen quicker and more effectively than using paper means. Couple this accessory with the bump pad kitchen video controller to complete your kitchen video system.
Thermal Receipt Printer [Included]
The Harbortouch thermal POS receipt printer delivers high-speed printing at a low noise level and is packed with innovative user-friendly features. This reliable and useful accessory allows you to provide your customers with a receipt of their transaction, ensuring accurate order fulfillment.
Dot Matrix Kitchen Printer [Optional Add-On $329.00]
Using the dot matrix kitchen printer is an ideal way to relay order information from the front-end. This convenient accessory will improve order accuracy and speed of service by communicating orders to the kitchen quicker and more effectively than manual alternatives.
Cash Drawer [Included]
The Harbortouch cash drawer offers a secure location for all monetary tender exchanged as part of sales transactions. This peripheral accessory is a valuable addition to your Harbortouch POS System.
Bump Pad Kitchen Video Controller [Optional]
Coupled with the flat panel LCD monitor, the bump pad completes the kitchen video display for a perfect addition to your Harbortouch POS System. With this useful tool, kitchen staff will be able to interact with the on-screen order display to ensure accurate order fulfillment and streamlined operations.
Orbit Omni directional Scanner [Optional]
The Orbit Omnidirectional scanner presents an innovative and affordable barcode scanning solution. With a patented 20-line scan pattern, an easy-to-find “sweet spot” and scan speed of 1,120 scans per second, Orbit increases first pass read rate for maximum employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. This scanner recognizes all major UPC barcodes, reducing processing time and labor costs, while increasing order accuracy. Having a barcode scanner connected to your point-of-sale system will expedite checkout times and minimize data entry errors.
Metrologic Voyager Handheld Barcode Scanner [Optional]
The Voyager handheld, single-line laser scanner offers accurate scanning of all standard bar codes and easily completes data transmission with the push of a single button. One of the most reliable and advanced barcode scanners available, Voyager reduces processing time and labor costs while increasing order accuracy. Having a barcode scanner connected to your POS system will speed up checkout times and minimize data entry errors.

Request a Demo
You can request for a online demo with a specialist. You will need a computer with email and internet access. Please schedule a appointment by using our
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