Interactive Merchant System

We are introducing the new generation Interactive Merchant System to all of our merchant clients. Our existing merchant base as well as all new accounts signed up going forward will now have the opportunity to test the IMS free of charge for 60 days.

The IMS is a full featured product that includes transaction, batch, deposit, and billing data. That is not all, merchants will have the ability to receive direct e-mail notifications of credit card deposits and alerts for incoming chargebacks and retrievals. Merchants can also view their statements online, even digital signatures are stored and archived for those merchants using our in-house signature capture product. Merchants can also download credit card processing activity directly into their quick books or other type of accounting software. All merchant data is available in encrypted files for 12 months, providing an entire years worth of searchable activity for the merchant and all data beyond 12 months is still archived offline. In addition, merchants can communicate directly to customer service and technical support via a real-time, on-line chat system. In addition to all the reporting and support benefits, the IMS also allows merchants to order supplies, download quick reference guides and receive important announcements and updates.

Nationwide Free Equipment program

We are pleased to announce the first and only nationwide Free Equipment program. Every merchant, whether you are a new business, existing business or reprogram has the option to receive a new Nurit 8320 POS Terminal ($395 value) or the  the popular BlackBerry™ class RIM 850/950 Wireless Handheld™ ($495 value). This development eliminates the need to wait 30 minutes to reprogram terminals in the field because every merchant, existing or new, gets a Free Nurit 8320. The 8320 is the latest generation of state-of-the-art POS terminals from Lipman. The terminal has a built-in high-speed thermal printer, internal debit pin-pad, 14.4 modem, added memory, and is IP capable, smart card compatible and Visa PED compliant. This terminal is the flagship of the Lipman line and was built to replace the Nurit 3020.  The free Nurit 8320 will also be equipped to support signature capture, check guarantee and gift card program.  When you done using it or decide to change merchant, just return it.

  • All credit card transaction signatures are electronically stored and transmitted upon day-end batch out.

  • Never have to provide proof of signature again if a customer charges back!

  • Retrieve electronic copies of your receipts & signatures online!

  • This is an optional service


The CHARGE ANYwhere package combines a magnetic credit card reader with the popular BlackBerry™ class RIM 850/950 Wireless Handheld™ to create a compact, rugged and mobile device.  At the heart of the CHARGE ANYwhere solution is Comstar’s state of the art Gateway.  The Gateway connects customers in seconds with credit card processors for rapid authorizations, and processes data for real-time use with the Web-based transaction management system.  Coupled with state-of-the-art industry specific operating software and an innovative and secure Web-based transaction database and reporting system, the CHARGE ANYwhere system is packed with features

Shipping for Equipment Info Price
Next Day Shipping Order before 5PM $35
2nd Day Shipping Order before 5PM $25
Ground Order before 5PM - FREE -
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