UBS specialize in deploying and providing the lowest cost merchant services to restaurants and retails.  Opening a new business or staying competitive in the business is a major challenge, so we are keeping it simple, low cost and quick for you.

Discount rates are usually quoted with only the qualified rate by most processors. However, an educated merchant (which we want you to be), including most large businesses knows that the least expensive option is our VIP Club, offered to merchants with $100k+ a month volume.  You can rest be assured that you will always receive the life-time lowest rates regardless of when VISA/MC changes their nation-wide Interchange rates.

UBS is also pleased to announce the Free Equipment program option for VIP members.  Every merchant, whether you have a new business, existing business or reprogram has the option to receive a new POS or popular Hypercom - Nurit Terminal or a Wireless Handheld terminal.  This is perfect for your business and eliminates the need to wait 30 minutes to reprogram terminals in the field because every merchant, existing or new, gets the latest Free Terminal. The touch-screen Point Of Sales (POS) system bundle is custom designed for hospitality management; while we will invest in your equipment, you can stay focus on running your business.   In addition, the most popular electronic cash register is free, with exclusive credit card processing technology to deliver the ultimate payment solution, completely free of charge!  A credit card terminal is just a credit card terminal, but a ECR manages the money, record sales, price lookup and now will process credit cards in a simple and efficient manner.  Your pre-programmed terminal is shipped by ground/air within 24 hours.

  1. Select your type of business below. 
  2. Apply online to qualify for a VIP Merchant Account, select VIP club and tell us your choice of a Free Terminal program
  3. Terminal will be shipped upon approval
  4. Power up the terminal and it is ready to go.
  5. Call Technical Support if you still need additional help.

To qualify for VIP Club, you must apply online and submit the needed supporting documents in a timely manner.

Before You Begin Your Application:

Please make sure you have the following information available..
[ ] Business contact information (address, business phone number)
[ ] Owner/principal Names
[ ] Two recent processor statements of volume $100,000 or more
[ ] US Business Federal Tax ID# (or SSN for Sole Proprietorship)
[ ] A voided check that your address, routing & account number (for your sales deposit)
[ ] Provide an EMAIL address and you will receive a copy of your application. Check your email for status updates.



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